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Worship Services

Saturday Holy Communion:
5:00 pm

5/4 - 10/26/14
Sunday Holy Communion:
9:30 am

Coffee & Fellowship: 10:45 am

Adult Education: 11:00 am
Bible Study: 11:00 am

Thursday Service of Prayer
and Holy Communion: 10:00 am

Nursery Care Sunday Mornings

Coffee House Mon-Fri 9:00-Noon

Welcome Pastor Hall - click here

Friends, welcome to this ministry of Emmanuel Lutheran Church! "To Know Christ and Boldly Make Him Known," our mission, isn't something that can be accomplished in a one-size-fits-all manner. Therefore, if each of us is going to find our unique place with God and make a real difference in our world, then we must each find the ways that will develop God's unique gifts. On this website, not only will you find some of the basics about Emmanuel, but you will find ways to serve and to be served. Check out the many, many developing Ministries for You and the Opportunities to Serve pages. Something will be right for you. If you discover a good spiritual resource that fits for who we are or would like to be, let us know so that it possibly could be added to Spiritual Resources. And certainly, if anything from this website seems to speak to your inner hunger, join us in worship on the weekend and introduce yourself to us while there!
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